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DFS1/4 - SDH Transport Unit For DynaFlex

SDH Transport Unit - DFS1/4

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The DFS1/4 card transport E1/TDM and Ethernet services over SDH for the Dynaflex Multiservice Platform.

This unit provides access of upto 12 ports of E1 and 4 ports of 10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet. These ports can be connected to any virtual container within any of the SDH streams. Virtual containers can also be cross connected between the SDH streams allowing bridging between SDH networks.

The card features standards based protection switching of the SDH streams with sub 50ms switch times and is able to provide timing for the SDH network.

The DFS1/4 is an ideal solution for mission critical SDH networks where deterministic timing, low jitter and predictable switching times are necessary and efficient use of available bandwidth is mandatory.

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Technical specifications
Application Note

Technical Highlights:

• 2 x STM1/4 (SFP)
• 2 x STM1/4 (SFP)
• 2 x 10/100/1000Base-T (RJ48)
• 2 x 1000Base-X (SFP)
• 12 x E1
• 2 x V.11 Q1 Transport
• Supports Single Fibre and Dual Fibre Working

Key Features
• Ring, Terminal, Linear Midspan Topologies
• Sub 50ms protection switching in ring mode
• VC12, VC3 & VC4 SDH Multiplexing
• SNCP/UPSR, MSP/1+1 Protection
• High MTBF
• Management via ASPeCT & SNMP
• 20-72 VDC Power Supply
• -20 to +65 °C operation

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