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DFX100 - Ethernet Access / Ethernet Over Fiber

ethernet fiber access card - DFX100 ethernet fiber access card - DFX100 SFP

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The Avara DFX100 has been designed to empower PDH Multiplexer equipment by providing a seamless transport system to transport E1 circuits over 100 Mbps transmission links together with high capacity switched Ethernet connections.

The DFX100 enhances PDH Multiplexer installations by providing Fast Ethernet interfaces together with 4xG.703/2M (120/75 ohm balanced/unbalanced) and 3xV.11 to complement legacy TDM circuits provided by PDH Multiplexers.

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Technical specifications
Application Note

Technical Highlights:

Tributary Interfaces
• 4 x 10/100Base-T Ethernet Ports
• 4 x G.703/2M E1 Ports
• 3 x V.11 Serial Data Ports supporting asynchronous operation
Network Interfaces
• 2 x 100Base-FX (fixed optics or SFP based)
• Supports Single Fibre and Dual Fibre Working
Key Features
• Point to point, linear and ring topology support
• Sub 50ms protection switching in ring mode
• High performance Ethernet layer 2 switch fabric with 802.1p/q VLAN capabilities
• Rate Limiting on Ethernet ports
• Supports both VLAN access ports as well as trunk ports
• High MTBF
• Management via Q1, SNMP, Telnet, CLI, Web Browser, HPOV
• 20-72 VDC Power Supply
• -5 to +65 °C operation

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