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DynaFlex Interface Units

DB4 Multiplexer Unit For DynaFlex

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Data Interface Units

Voice Interface Units

C37.94 Teleprotection Interface Units

Ethernet Interface Unit

FXS to SIP Conversion Unit

Avara’s DynaFlex product family is a flexible, fully featured, multiservice access platform with powerful cross connect and protection capabilities that is fully interoperable and compatible with the Nokia Dynanet product.

DynaFlex offers a broad range of hot pluggable channel cards to complement a range of physical interfaces to seamlessly support operational networks.

Voice Interface Units
Data Interface Units
SIP Conversion
Application Note

The Avara DynaFlex FXO/FXS Subscriber and VF units provide a variety of voice grade communications interfaces for the DynaFlex Multiservice Access platform. They support FXS, FXO and Voice Frequency interfaces with E&M signaling.

Interface Type Description Interfaces Product Code
VF E&M Voice Frequency Interface Unit with dual E&M interfaces 8 P61021.01
FXO FXO POTS Exchange Interface Unit 8 P61022.01
FXS FXS POTS Subscriber Interface Unit 8 P61023.01

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