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ENT100 - Ethernet Access/ Ethernet Over TDM

ethernet network terminal - ENT100

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The ENT100 transports Fast Ethernet services over single or multiple (bonded) E1 interfaces. It can operate in full E1 or fractional E1 modes and has full 64K cross connection capabilities. The device supports layer 2 switching and has QoS and VLAN capabilities thus enabling the use of existing E1 infrastructure to deliver Fast Ethernet services.

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Technical specifications
Application Note

Technical Highlights:

Customer Interfaces
• 4 x 10/100Base-T Ethernet Ports
• 4 x V.11 ports supporting asynchronous operation

Network Interfaces
• 4 x G.703/G.704 (unframed / framed / CRC4)

Key Features
• Extend the bandwidth to 7.4Mbps when bonding 4 E1 links
• Point to point, linear and ring topology support
• Supports 2 or 4 WAN directions for switched Ethernet support in linear and loop operating topologies.
• 64K cross connect capability
• High performance Ethernet layer 2 switch fabric with 802.1p/q VLAN capabilities, Rate Limiting, both VLAN access and trunk port modes
• Has digital summing capabilities for point to multi-point application support for serial interfaces

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