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DXC Digital Cross Connect

DXC Digital Cross Connect Unit For DynaFlex

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The DXC is a member of Avara’s DynaFlex Multiservice Platform and allows operators to cross connect up to 60 x E1 interfaces at an Nx8kbps granularity. Designed in a modular manner, the DXC offers a highly reliable cross connect solution ideal for use in critical networks.

The DXC node comprises of multiple DXC4 Interface Units that are plugged into the DynaFlex subrack. Each DXC4 unit provides 4 x E1 physical interfaces for traffic with support for up to 8 such units per DXC node allowing the node to support a fully non-blocking 60 x E1 cross connect at an Nx8K granularity.

Together with the extensive Ethernet switching functionality supported, the DXC is an ideal solution for mission critical networks where deterministic timing, low jitter and predictable switching times are necessary and efficient use of available bandwidth is mandatory.

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Technical specifications
Application Note

Technical Highlights:

DXC System
• Supports up to 15 x DXC4 Interface Units providing a 60 x E1 cross connection capability
• Extensive Nx64K/8K cross connect and branching capabilities
• Supports up to 2048 cross connect entries across 10 tables
• Extensive protection features
• Serial Data and Voice Summing
• Pluggable into DynaFlex Mechanics
• Interoperable with third party multiplexer products including Nokia Dynanet DB2/DB2LP/DN2/DM2/DM2+ and FMX
• Manageable via Q1, Telnet, SSH, SNMP & ASPeCT

DXC4 Interfaces
• 4 x G.704/2M Balanced (120 Ω) or Unbalanced (75 Ω)
• Q1 MI/DI with Data Hybrid (V.11)
• RS-232 console RJ45
• 2 x 10/100 Ethernet on single RJ45 for management
• 4 x Ethernet WAN directions per DXC-4 Interface Unit for management channel distribution
• Measurement port or Sync In/Out via SMB

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