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The Avara DynaFlex family contains two sub-racks solutions: the M16 and the M4 subracks. Both subracks are designed to house Avara's DynaFlex Multiservice Access platform equipment, as well as the Nokia Dynanet access multiplexer equipment, and can be used in cabinets for indoor and outdoor applications.

The M16 is a 19" wide, six (6) rack unit high subrack which can be mounted in standard 19" racks using the provided brackets. It has 16 slots, for installing 15 DynaFlex transport, multiplexer and interface cards plus a power supply card.

The M4 is a 19" wide, three (3) rack unit high subrack with 4 slots. It can be mounted in a standard 19" rack using the provided brackets. The M4 provides a horizontal subrack solution to meet the needs of compact installations.