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Terminal Server

terminal server - TS4400

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The Avara TS4400 & TS4220 are industrial grade access devices that delivers serial and VF services together with broadband Ethernet services over switched Ethernet and Routed IP networks.

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Technical specifications
Application Note

Technical Highlights:

Tributary Interfaces

• 4 x 10/100Base-T Ethernet Interfaces

• Up to 2 x Voice Frequency ports supporting 2/4-Wire VF with E&M signaling

• Up to 4 x RS232 serial data ports

• Has integrated high performance Ethernet layer 2 switch fabric with 802.1p/q VLAN capabilities

• Supports both VLAN access ports as well as trunk ports

• Supports synchronous and asynchronous operation

• Offers Terminal Server and Reverse Terminal Server operation for each serial port

• Supports bit shaving for error free continuous serial data stream operation

• Transports VF interfaces transparently using circuit emulation

• Transports Serial interfaces synchronously using circuit emulation (64kbps over sampling) or packetized using UDP/IP

• Has analogue and digital summing capabilities for point to multi-point application support High MTBF

• High operating temperature

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