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Technical Support

Avara Technologies provides support to distributors at level 3. Levels 1 & 2 support are provided by the distributor. All support work is assigned, tracked and managed through Test Track. All support activities are recorded in Test Track by the assignee.

A Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number is required prior to returning any product to Avara. RMA numbers are issued by the Operations Manager from the RMA (spreadsheet) database and sent to the distributor on a Fault Report form. All units returned to Avara are repaired then re-tested to original specification. The distributor collects the equipment from Avara after service.

Distributor Activities

Distributors must maintain adequately trained and competent staff to provide level 1 & 2 service. Avara Technologies expects all equipment returned to Avara for repair to have been initially investigated by a distributors technical staff.

The distributors technical staff should contact Avara Technologies in advance of sending an item to Avara for service. Where practical, the equipment should remain in operation on the customers network until an Avara engineer has reviewed the reported condition.

All equipment sent to Avara for repair, upgrade or other service must be clearly labelled with the return address and contact name. The equipment should also be identified by product and serial number on the Fault Report form, together with a description of the problem or service requested and a reference number.

Support Activities

When contacted for support by a distributor, a new record is to be created in Test Track Support database An engineer may provide advice and configuration guidance to resolve a non working condition and report the outcome to Operations Manager

If required, the Operations Manager Issues a returns authorisation (RMA) number to the distributor. The RMA number should be recorded on the distributors service request (Fault Report form) accompanying the equipment.

On Receipt, the Operations Manager assigns the task to an appropriate person for action. Equipment not in warranty or which has been subject to misuse must be estimated (Time and Parts) before effecting a repair. Up to 1 hour can be spent estimating.Chargeable work must be supported by a PO before servicing is completed.

On completion of any service, the unit is to be functionally tested following the production test procedure and a new test report generated. The unit must pass all tests.

The assignee updates Test Track, providing details on work performed, time taken and parts used. On completion of work:

  • Summarise the service activity on a Product Fault Report Form.
  • File the test report and a copy of the Fault Report, with the original test report and any subsequent test reports in the respective production binder.
  • Pack the equipment in preparation for shipping
  • Reassign the Test Track record to the Operations Manager.
The Operations Manager prepares a delivery note, updates the deliveries register and advises the distributor that the equipment is ready for collection